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1953 GAZ Armored SnowMachine Prototype

Very little is known about the 1953 GAZ Armored SnowMachine Prototype. What's visibly known is that it shares many similar traits to the RF-8 (GAZ-98) Aerosled of WWII, which was designed in 1941 and used from 1942-1943. The main difference being the armored snow machine is enclosed vs. open, has track vs. being self-propelled and could tackle tougher snow terrains vs. flats. Below are images and a summary of the RF-8 (GAZ-98) Aerosled.

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Pictured below: The RF-8 (GAZ-98) is a self-propelled sleigh powered by an internal combustion engine and equipped with a pushing propeller engine. It was designed for travel on snow and ice, initially developed by the OKB of the NKRF and later produced by GAZ "Bus Plant" (GZA). It went through modifications, becoming the RF-8-GAZ-98, also known as GAZ-98 and 743-98. These snowmobiles played a crucial role in World War II, particularly in 1942-1943, being utilized for tasks such as reconnaissance, guarding, transportation of troops and weapons, and patrol services in snowy terrains. The design and utilization of these vehicles were essential for traversing Russia's vast snowy landscapes during wartime.

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