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1989 Colani UTAH 4

In 1989, Luigi Colani took all his vehicles named UTAH to the Bonneville Salt Flats Speedway, famous Utah Salt Lake, which he rents for two weeks for Automorrow ’89, to break new speed records. Colani had built 13 Vehicles, but he could only take them 12 to demonstrate record vehicles all more spectacular than each other. Thanks to his design, all that he won has been reinvested in its vehicle studies. This allowed Luigi Colani to achieve unprecedented independence as a designer.

He dispenses during his trip his good word to designers from Ford to Dearborn, then to the students of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, before meeting other visionaries, including Georges Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

The 1989 Colani UTAH 4 was a high-speed bike designed and built by Colani’s assistant, Sebastian Kummer. Swiss Schlimmer V8 engine - 4 Lilliputien water-cooled camshafts from 47 cm3. It sits transversely to the tail of the contoured bike and provides additional power to the cyclist, which is facing forward and on the belly.


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