1901-1907 Oldsmobile Curved Dash

Updated: Feb 22

The Curved Dash Oldsmobile is credited as the first high-volume mass-produced automobile. It was introduced by the Oldsmobile company in 1901 and produced through 1907. It is believed that 425 examples were produced the first year, 2,500 in 1902. A total of 19,000 units were built during the six years. During its run, it was the top selling car in America.

With the prominent curved dash, tiller type steering, and the side-spring chassis, this car was very identifiable when compared to other cars of the era. The leather top and dos-a-dos seating were factory supplied accessories that could be purchased with the car or added later.

A flat-mounted water-cooled single-cylinder engine, is situated at the center of the car, producing 4 hp, and relies on a brass gravity-feed carburetor. The transmission is a semi-automatic design with two forward speeds and one reverse. The car weighs 850 lbs. Sources: (context from) CarStyling.ru, (images from) General Motors Corp. & RM Auctions & Library of Congress

Oldsmobile Curved Dash, 1901

Oldsmobile Curved Dash, 1902

Oldsmobile Model R Curved Dash (Pie Wagon), 1904

Oldsmobile Curved Dash, 1905