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2026 Aehra Sedan

Italian-American startup Aehra is set to launch its second electric car model, the Aehra Sedan, in the United States and Europe in 2026. Designed by former Lamborghini chief designer Filippo Perini, the sedan features lifting doors and a power reserve of approximately 800 kilometers with a 120-kilowatt-hour battery capacity. The vehicle boasts three electric motors, active aerodynamics, and a battery cooling system. Priced at around $150,000, the Aehra Sedan aims to offer an ultra-premium driving experience in the growing electric vehicle market.

Aehra is a relatively new player in the global automotive industry, with a focus on manufacturing ultra-premium electric cars. Led by Filippo Perini, known for his work at Lamborghini and Genesis, the company aims to create visually striking vehicles. The Aehra SUV, introduced last year, and the upcoming Aehra Sedan are both scheduled for release in 2026, with a projected annual production volume of 25,000 cars.

The Aehra Sedan showcases a unique design with all four doors lifting up, resembling a bug. The body is divided into two parts, with the lower section featuring active aerodynamic and cooling elements, while the upper section highlights clean and inspired forms influenced by the aerospace sector. The car's silhouette is defined by a single flowing line, reminiscent of the Mercedes One-Bow concept.

To achieve its vision, Aehra plans to utilize various composites, including forged carbon fiber, in the construction of its vehicles. The Sedan will be equipped with three electric motors, producing a total power output of around 800 horsepower. The 120-kilowatt-hour battery capacity is expected to provide a range of 800 kilometers on a full charge.

These developments in the automotive industry reflect the growing demand for high-performance electric vehicles that offer both luxury and sustainability. Aehra's upcoming Sedan model, with its striking design and advanced technology, aims to deliver a captivating and environmentally conscious driving experience to customers worldwide.

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