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2024 Mad Mike’s FURSTY by TCP Magic (1974 Mazda 808 station wagon)

The 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon witnessed the triumphant return of a legend: Mad Mike Whiddett's FURSTY, a unique creation reborn for drifting glory. It's not just a car; it's a symbol of passion, perseverance, and the transformative power of automotive dreams.

Humble Beginnings:

The FURSTY's story starts not with an RX-3 but with a 1974 Mazda 808 station wagon. This unassuming vehicle launched Mike's drifting career, serving as his training ground and early competition platform. However, to pursue his dream of an FD RX-7, Mike had to make a difficult decision: sell the FURSTY.

A Second Chance:

Fast forward to 2023, and Mike was able to reacquire his beloved automotive muse. This time, instead of selling it, he entrusted it to the skilled hands of TCP Magic. Their task: a transformation that would honor the FURSTY's history while propelling it into the future of drifting.

Untamed Beast Unleashed:

Under the hood lies a monster waiting to be awakened: a powerful 26B 4-rotor NA engine ready to unleash its fury. A HGT sequential transmission and Winters Performance quick-change differential ensure lightning-fast gear changes and unmatched control. This isn't just about raw power; it's about the precision and agility essential for drifting mastery.