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2023 Renault Niagara Concept

Introducing the Renault Niagara Concept, a beacon of Renault's modern spirit set to conquer international markets and pave the way for the next generation of Renault models launching beyond Europe by 2027.

This SUV gem is not your average ride—it flaunts short overhangs, protective plates, impressive ground clearance, and a long-travel suspension, all screaming SUV. The radiator grille, with a striking three-dimensional pattern, looks like it was carved from a single piece, while the pixel graphics-style Renault inscription adds a touch of modern flair. The body colors speak volumes: green for adventure, yellow for a sporty vibe, gray for technological prowess, and black for sheer power.

Under the hood, the Niagara packs a punch with its E-Tech Hybrid 4WD system. A front internal combustion engine, featuring a 48-volt starter-generator, teams up with a separate rear electric motor. Whether this powerhouse becomes a serial product is still under wraps, but for now, it stands as a herald for the future lineup of global Renault models.

The Niagara Concept marks a significant chapter in Renault's international history, breathing in fresh air and modernity. Its robust and sophisticated design, coupled with cutting-edge technologies, provides a sneak peek into the future Renault range built on the Renault Group's new modular platform. This tough and tech-savvy concept invites you to explore without limits.