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2003 Acura Concept TL

The 2003 Acura Concept TL made its debut at the 2003 New York International Auto Show, offering a preview of the design direction for the upcoming 2004 TL production model. Designed with a focus on performance and sleek exterior styling, the concept aimed to embody the image of the "ultimate athlete," blending power, speed, and agility.

Tom Elliott, executive vice president of auto operations at Acura, described the concept as featuring aggressive, muscular styling elements that convey the TL's high-performance nature. The design was intended to provide an advance preview of the upcoming 2004 TL model.

The Concept TL featured a shorter length compared to the current production model, giving it a tighter, sportier appearance. Its stance was characterized by muscular and aggressive proportions, with pronounced fender flares and large 19-inch alloy wheels equipped with 4-piston Brembo brakes and low-profile, high-performance tires.

The exterior design showcased a forward-sloping wedge shape, with deep character lines running along each side from the front to the rear. The cabin featured flush-mounted windshield glass for improved aerodynamics and a sophisticated aesthetic. Compact side-view cameras were integrated to enhance aerodynamics and visibility.

Chief designer Jon Ikeda emphasized the design's tension, likening it to the muscles of a sprinter poised for action. The front end boasted a long, sleek hood with angular headlight assemblies containing Xenon High Intensity Discharge headlights. Brushed aluminum accents adorned the grille and various parts of the exterior, adding a high-tech contrast to the silver metallic finish.