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2002 Renault Ellypse Concept

The 2002 Renault Ellypse Concept stands as a beacon of optimism in the automotive landscape, heralding a new era of harmony between cars and the environment. With its soft yet structured forms and friendly personality, the Ellypse banishes aggressiveness in favor of a welcoming design ethos. Its deliberately minimalist interior exudes soothing vibes, showcasing the Touch Design concept for enhanced man/machine interaction.

Renault's commitment to sustainable development shines through in every aspect of the Ellypse's design. Its architecture prioritizes easy disassembly and recycling of components, while the new-generation diesel engine reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions to a remarkable 85g of CO2/km. Equipped with advanced x-by-wire technology and 42-volt electrics, the Ellypse embodies Renault's dedication to environmental stewardship.

Measuring 3.9 meters in length, the Ellypse hatchback boasts undeniable appeal with its cheerful headlamp and radiator grille design. Solar cells along the transparent roof panel optimize air-conditioning inside the cabin, contributing to a comfortable interior environment. The innovative two-way opening system on the right side enhances accessibility, allowing the rear door to swing open or tilt from front to back, providing convenient access to the cabin.

Inside, the Ellypse's cabin exudes a feel-good atmosphere with its deliberately minimalist style and Mimosa decor. The long transparent roof and vast glazed surface flood the interior with light, while the streamlined dashboard