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2001 Toyota ist Concept

The 2001 Toyota ist Concept introduces a new genre of compact cars, combining the dynamic feel of an SUV, the utility of an estate car, the stylish essence of a coupe, and the sophistication of a premium-class limousine. Unlike futuristic concepts with magical electronic-intelligent systems, the Toyota ist hatchback embraces a stylish and practical approach, based on the platform of the Yaris production model.

With dimensions measuring 3855x1695x1530 mm, the ist is designed as a compact city car, suitable for accommodating five passengers. The concept features a 1.3-liter engine and front-wheel drive, emphasizing simplicity and efficiency. The design highlights include well-executed wheel arches and a distinctive rear, showcasing the car's aesthetic appeal.

The trunk design is notable, adopting a "two-story" configuration for added practicality. The suffix "ist" in English is reminiscent of words denoting someone who engages in a particular activity, such as "artist." This suggests a car designed for individuals who appreciate style and functionality in a compact urban setting.

The Toyota ist Concept, presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2001, offers a down-to-earth approach to compact car design, focusing on meeting the diverse needs of urban drivers without the need for complex technological features.

Source: Mikhail Vasiliev, "Tokyo-2001" (MOTOR Magazine 12-2001)

Images: Toyota Motor Corporation.