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2001 Oldsmobile O4 Concept by Bertone

The 2001 Oldsmobile O4 Concept, designed in collaboration with Bertone, unfortunately represents a poignant chapter in Oldsmobile's history as the final glimpse of the division's future. Originally introduced as an anticipated model for the second generation Alero, the O4, unveiled at the 2001 Detroit Auto Show, suffered the consequences of Oldsmobile's demise, quietly losing its association with the brand during the show's presentation.

Targeted at young, fun-loving buyers, the O4 boasted a small European-style open-air roadster with international design and engineering. The collaboration between GM and Bertone Design in Turin, Italy, resulted in a front-wheel-drive vehicle built on an Opel platform, featuring Opel's 1.8-liter Ecotech turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. The roof, incorporating twin targa tops made of carbon fiber, could be snapped off and stowed behind the rear seats. The rear window retracted into the space behind the rear seats, offering a convertible-like experience.

Inside, the O4 accommodated four passengers and showcased an "Info Ring" instrument panel with reconfigurable displays. Inspired by handheld devices like the Palm Pilot, this innovative feature aimed to replace traditional knobs and gauges, with ten buttons facilitating smooth toggling between functions. The O4 concept, with its futuristic appeal, was intended to appeal to recent college graduates and rejuvenate Oldsmobile's clientele.