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2001 Daihatsu FF Ultra Space Concept

The 2001 Daihatsu FF Ultra Space Concept was a unique microcar concept that aimed to provide a spacious and versatile experience for its passengers. Here's a breakdown of its engine, performance, and design:

Engine and Performance:

  • Position: Front

  • Type: 3-cylinder, in-line, DOHC12

  • Capacity: 659 cc

  • Power: 63 hp

  • Torque: 107 Nm @ 3600 rpm

Despite its small engine size, the FF Ultra Space offered a decent power output for a car of its class. This, combined with its lightweight construction (weighing in at only 820 kg), likely resulted in a sprightly driving experience.


  • Length: 3395 mm

  • Width: 1475 mm

  • Height: 1720 mm

  • Wheelbase: 2410 mm

The FF Ultra Space was relatively compact, making it suitable for navigating tight city streets. However, its wheelbase offered good legroom for its intended four occupants.


The FF Ultra Space's design prioritized spaciousness and passenger comfort. Key features included:

  • Large glass roof: This provided an airy and open feel to the cabin, along with ample natural light.

  • Missing B-pillars: This unique design element enhanced the feeling of spaciousness and allowed for easier entry and exit from both sides of the vehicle.

  • Combination of conventional front door and sliding door: This offered passengers flexibility and convenience when entering or exiting the vehicle.

Overall, the 2001 Daihatsu FF Ultra Space Concept presented a forward-thinking approach to microcar design, prioritizing passenger comfort and offering a unique and spacious experience within a compact package.

Source & Images: DAIHATSU MOTOR CO.;; Mikhail Vasiliev, "Tokyo-2001" (Magazine "MOTOR" 12-2001)

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