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2000 Ferrari Rossa by Pininfarina

The 2000 Ferrari Rossa, a conceptual roadster, was unveiled by Pininfarina to celebrate its 70th anniversary. Built on the 550 Maranello platform, this two-seater Spider integrates Ferrari mechanical components, establishing a connection between Pininfarina's rich past and future endeavors.

The Rossa pays homage to iconic predecessors like the 1958 Testa Rossa and the 1989 Mythos concept car, presenting a cohesive vision of the evolution of traditional front-engined two-seater open cars. Utilizing the 550 Maranello's mechanicals with the same wheelbase and tracks, the Rossa maintains a link with Ferrari's engineering prowess.

In terms of design, the Rossa exhibits a balanced deployment of solid masses and empty spaces, with distinctive features like a classic Ferrari radiator grille, low windshield, and fairings behind the driver and passenger. The nose incorporates a shark-like mouth and air intakes, while the rear features roll bars linked by a transverse fin housing LEDs and cameras.

The side view of the Rossa is characterized by a flowing solid section against the vacuum left by the front wing, with a fin rising from the sill to frame the front wheel. The sleek glazing and subtle interplay of softly molded surfaces bordered by sharp angles contribute to its aesthetic appeal. The cockpit is dynamic, with a driver-sized niche carved seamlessly into the car's flowing lines.

Incorporating innovative elements, the Rossa's rear cameras replace the rear-view mirror, providing the driver with an in-built camera car. The windscreen is minimal, emphasizing the car's nature as an open sports car. The Rossa encapsulates Ferrari's racing legacy, drawing inspiration from the 250 TR models and incorporating themes of classic spiders.

Overall, the 2000 Ferrari Rossa stands as a testament to Pininfarina's commitment to automotive design, celebrating the brand's 70 years of creativity and innovation.

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Images: pininfarina spa.