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2000 Chevrolet Traverse Concept

The 2000 Chevrolet Traverse Concept, unveiled at the 2000 Chicago Auto Show, introduced a fresh approach to the family sedan by merging the best attributes of trucks and sedans while incorporating innovative technology.

Reinventing the Family Sedan: The Chevrolet Traverse concept marked a reinvention of the family sedan, combining the desirable features of trucks and sedans to create a versatile and technologically advanced vehicle. By blending the utility, all-wheel drive capability, command-view seating, and towing capacity of trucks with the comfort, power, agility, and styling of sedans, the Traverse aimed to provide an innovative driving experience that catered to the needs of modern families.

High-Tech Interior: A standout feature of the Chevrolet Traverse concept was its incorporation of high-tech elements into the interior. The instrument panel housed a Compaq C-Series 2010C personal computer, a compact device measuring less than 10 inches in length and about four inches in width. This small computer featured a keyboard and could be docked within the instrument panel when not in use, concealing it from view. The docking station allowed the unit to be easily removed for portable use.

Wireless Connectivity: The concept also embraced wireless connectivity by including a wireless modem and a hidden antenna located beneath the windshield. This setup enabled the vehicle to connect to the Internet, providing occupants with access to online services and information. The integration of wireless technology showcased Chevrolet's commitment to incorporating modern conveniences and connectivity features into their vehicles.

Innovative Design and Attributes: The Chevrolet Traverse concept was designed to offer a unique driving experience by combining the capabilities of both trucks and sedans. It incorporated the command-view seating characteristic of trucks, providing a commanding view of the road. Additionally, the concept featured all-wheel drive for enhanced traction and towing capacity, catering to the needs of families seeking versatility and utility in their vehicles.

In summary, the 2000 Chevrolet Traverse Concept reimagined the family sedan by blending the best attributes of trucks and sedans while introducing innovative technology. The inclusion of a compact personal computer with a docking station, wireless modem, and hidden antenna showcased the concept's commitment to modern connectivity and convenience. The concept's aim to provide an advanced driving experience, coupled with its versatile capabilities, highlighted Chevrolet's dedication to pushing the boundaries of automotive design and technology to meet the evolving needs of consumers.