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2000 Bertone Slim Concept

The 2000 Bertone Slim Concept embodies a groundbreaking idea that envisions the fusion of a car and a motorbike to tackle the urban congestion problem. Revealed as a working prototype at the 2000 Geneva Motor Show, the Bertone Slim showcases an innovative approach to address the issue of limited urban space and transform the way people navigate city traffic.

The concept's fundamental objective was to create a vehicle that seamlessly combines the attributes of both a car and a motorbike, moving beyond conventional solutions like the sidecar. Inspired by the 1950s Messerschmitt bubble car and motivated by recent EU legislation on quadricycles, the Bertone Slim was born. It echoes the design and spatial organization influenced by aeronautics, particularly drawing inspiration from the iconic English Spitfire fighter plane.

Measuring just 1 meter 10 centimeters in width and 1 meter 30 centimeters in height, the Bertone Slim ingeniously manages to accommodate two passengers within its compact dimensions. With a length of 320 centimeters and a chassis of 227 centimeters, the vehicle's spatial arrangement is well-thought-out. The cockpit, constructed from resin, incorporates a sliding windshield and doors on its sides. Boarding the Bertone Slim is a unique experience – passengers not only get on but also slightly lower themselves into the vehicle. Despite its size, the vehicle offers versatility, allowing the seat to be folded or shifted to enhance passenger visibility.

Safety was paramount in the design, as the aluminum structure envelops the cockpit, ensuring protection for occupants. The concept features airbags, seatbelts, and dual GPS satellite navigation systems in the onboard instrumentation. The chosen powertrain consists of a two-cylinder, 505 cc petrol engine generating 15 kW (approximately 20 horsepower), enabling a top speed of 120 km/h (about 75 mph). This design achieves a remarkable balance between efficient urban mobility and adequate performance.

The Bertone Slim's innovative fusion of car and motorbike attributes, coupled with its exceptional maneuverability and adaptability, sets it apart as a visionary solution for modern city commuting challenges.

Images: Carrozzeria Bertone s.p.a.

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