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1999 Toyota Celica Cruising Deck

Ever wonder why they didn’t "el Camino" the first Celica? Obviously, they were waiting for the seventh-generation car, which gets the open-back treatment in its transformation into the Cruising Deck concept. The Cruising Deck pops off the newest Celica’s rear hatch, installs a rumble seat and a picnic-table sized rear spoiler, and heads for the sun. (Maybe that’s where the designers have been spending a little too much time…) The trucklike bed can be pulled up and fixed on to the spoiler to create a deck chair, believe it or not, and the Cruising Deck has a side-hinged tailgate for parties out of bounds. A hitch for towing watersports vehicles has been installed, too. A 1.8-liter four with 187 horsepower provides power, and a six-speed manual is the gearbox of choice.


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