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1998 Jeep Jeepster

The Jeepster was a sleek fully-functional off-roader presented in Detroit in January 1998. Under the hood was a 275-horsepower OHC 4.7-liter 16-valve V8 engine connected to an electronically-controlled 4-speed automatic transmission. The deeply-sculpted five-spoke 19-inch wheels shod with Goodyear Extended Mobility Tires (EMT) gave more character to the low-profile four-seater. The tires could drive for more than fifty miles after going flat at 55 miles per hour. The 8-way adjustable heavily-bolstered seats provided comfort. Analog instruments continued onto the center console housing the controls. Aluminum-colored hexagonal Allen bolts added to the car's interior style. With the suspension in the down position, the Jeepster was the lowest Jeep ever built and was intended for immediate production in the 2001 model year.


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