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1998 Bertone Pickster

The Pickster: a dream, a provocation, undoubtedly pure Bertone for its innovative spirit, a new way of looking at the automobile.

From the front, the Pickster looks like a charming C-segment saloon. Still, as the gaze travels along the body of the car, the three-quarter view reveals a solution that combines the lines of the coupé or speedster with the idea of the pick-up or utility vehicle.

Presented at the 1998 Geneva Motor Show, the Pickster was developed in just three months, with the company pulling out all the stops. It began with the idea of infusing the very American concept of the pick-up with the spirit of a GT. The highly imaginative result presents a revolutionary design with complex surfaces wrapping the wings in a muscular sheath. An aggressive, streamlined frontal view gives it an edgy, sporty feel. Thanks to the spoiler, the tail features a loading space characterized by ground-breaking intuition, which closes off the space and performs an aerodynamic function.

Its dimensions are imposing: 480 cm long, an impressive 197 cm wide, and 136 cm high. Its yellow paintwork underlines its originality.

The interiors reflect design creativity and all the work that went into the fittings and show the car's originality: leather and aluminum trims, seats with small, fixed cushions but adjustable seat-backs. On the dashboard, the instrumentation is towards the top, with the addition of the screen of the Magneti Marelli navigation system.

The fact that Pickster was created in only three months was also thanks to the availability of complete mechanical components, all BMW-produced starting from the engine, a six-cylinder 3.2i 24v BMW Motorsport with an output of 320 hp.

The base used was that of the BMW 528, featuring rear suspensions which occupy little space and are perfect for the development of a pick-up. And lastly, the big 21" wheels, with Michelin PAV tires, will go the distance even with a puncture.

Images Source: Carrozzeria Bertone s.p.a.