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1998 Aston Martin Project Vantage

The 1998 Aston Martin Project Vantage, unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in January, marked AML's triumphant return to the world supercar stage. Initially conceived as a one-off prototype with "no plans for production," the car, following in the footsteps of previous AML prototypes, emerged as a fully road-worthy vehicle. The overwhelmingly positive response from both the press and potential customers left Aston Martin with no choice but to bring the car into production.

Ian Callum, renowned for his work on the Aston Martin DB7 introduced in 1994, achieved a significant milestone with the original Vanquish, showcasing Aston Martin's preparedness for the 21st century. Originally conceived as the Project Vantage show car, this green grand tourer featured a distinctive composite body and an aluminum power structure housing the first 12-cylinder Aston Martin engine. Despite the initial constraints, such as mirrors borrowed from an E36 BMW M3 and taillights from a Fiat Coupe due to funding limitations, the concept's resounding approval within the automotive community compelled Ford to greenlight production.

Images: Aston Martin