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1997 Subaru Elten

The Subaru Elten was a concept hybrid 4WD hatchback manufactured by Subaru and introduced at the 1997 Tokyo Motor Show. The vehicle was a successor to the 360, taking many design elements from even a similar grille. But the design was later scrapped for a different model.

Subaru's original compact hybrid power system powers this vehicle designed for urban lifestyles. Running performance is remarkable, while its height and reduced length and width make it ideal for a town car. Representing a new vision for the 21st century, this town-use car represents a new standard in enjoyable driving and ownership. The Subaru Hybrid Power System (SHPS) is based on a high-efficiency gasoline engine and i-CVT, with two electric motors, a torque divider built into the transmission assembly, and nickel hydride batteries. Its charmingly curved design appeals to a compact car with a sporty image, while overall styling speaks of comfort. The battery is located under the rear seat, enabling a spacious interior where four adults can ride in complete comfort. Bold, bright colors give the car a pleasant character, with a delightfully coordinated interior to match.


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1997 Subaru Elten

1997 Subaru Elten Custom

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