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1997 Nissan AL-X

Presented at the Tokyo Motor Show was this 1997 Nissan AL-X. The designers went even further, emphasizing the "cubic" idea with rectangular headlights, rectangular rear-view mirrors, angular bumpers. Even the vast glass hatch in the entire roof is divided into four square windows — all in the same style! It remains to make the wheels square - and there will be complete order.

Aluminum space frame, hybrid engine system, and CVT combine in a compact, environment-friendly car offering carefree, enjoyable driving. The latest technical solutions support the avant-garde design. The car is based on a spatial aluminum frame, and a 3-liter V-shaped gasoline engine with direct fuel injection fits under the tiny hood (length AL-X - 3750 mm)!

Source:; Газета АВТОРЕВЮ - N 21 (160) 1997

Images: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.