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1997 Dodge Copperhead

If the Dodge Viper reinvented the Shelby Cobra, the Copperhead sought to resurrect the Austin Healey, so Dodge claimed. This 1997 design exercise served up a V6 2.7-liter 200bhp engine in a compact (by US standards) package. True to its name, Reptilian cues included faux snakeskin upholstery and tires that left a snakeskin print in their wake. On test, the Copperhead reached 135mph and clocked 62mph in 6.5 seconds. Maybe it was just too "venomous" to market?

"If Dodge Viper is credited for reinventing the Shelby Cobra, then Dodge Copperhead should be credited for reinventing a car in the tradition of the Austin-Healey 3000," said John E. Herlitz, Chrysler Corporation’s Vice President of Product Design. "Copperhead will fit comfortably into any sports car enthusiast’s garage — and budget."
"Copperhead will be the sports car of choice for those enthusiasts who like lithe, aerodynamic treatments combined with a low center of gravity," said K. Neil Walling, Chrysler Corporation’s Design Director. "We designed Copperhead to look fast by utilizing minimal overhang and pushing the wheels way out to the front and rear corners."

Sources: Simon Hacker/MSN Cars; Wikipedia

Image Sources: Dodge

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