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1996 Peugeot Toureg

The electrically-powered off-road two-seat Touareg was intended for fun and easy use for the younger market. Designed with compactness and fun in mind, the Touareg was constructed in only six months and ran on an electric engine supplying power to the 4-hour batteries. The batteries were recharged when the car was braking or moving downhill. The absence of doors on the Touareg allowed the passengers to jump into the car. The Touareg could accelerate from 0-50 miles per hour with the engine behind the two seats in nine seconds. The clutch-less transmission and imposing large wheels provided excellent handling. Fower-assisted steering and disc brakes were installed. The unique 18-inch wheels were custom-designed by Michelin. The all-terrain Touareg was also fitted with waterproof instrumentation and seats for quick cleaning.

Source: Concept Car Central

Images: Peugeot