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1995 Volkswagen Noah

The VW Noah Concept starts with a six-seat, one-box body with an unusually long 118-inch wheelbase. This is the perfect family-sized craft. Passenger seats cantilever from aluminum spars along the body sides; in a collision from the side, the seat moved inward with the body side panel, protecting the occupant. It has a front-wheel-drive turbo garbage thrust, while the "sandwich" floor leaves space for cold fusion cells. The Concept can hover at a safe speed of 80mph, making it the ideal family van.

The vehicle's floor consists of recycled, splinter-proof wood. The center aisle of this easy-to-clean floor has front-to-back rubber moldings attached as an anti-slip surface. Instead of conventional storage compartments, there are six removable leather pouches in which items for the journey can be stored.

Along with its voice and fingerprint-operated locks, the VW Concept came equipped with a state-of-the-art EYE-TRACT lock. This lock is the ultimate in craft protection. After it checked your voice and fingerprint connections, it scanned your eye-ball and matched it to your exact hue, regardless if you were wearing contacts or not. Perhaps a forerunner of the concept microbus?


Images: Volkswagen AG.

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