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1995 Toyota FLV

The FLV (Future Luxury Vehicle) was a concept vehicle built by Toyota. It was first shown at the October 1995 Tokyo Motor Show as a Toyota vehicle and then at the January 1996 North American International Auto Show as a Lexus vehicle. The exterior design was by Toyota USA's Calty Design Research.

The FLV was designed to be luxurious and practical for an active lifestyle by having an extensive cargo compartment access by a rear hatch. The side windows are shaped like ordinary sedan windows, but the roofline is closer to a wagon. Toyota called the shape a "mono form oval silhouette."

The seat height was chosen so that the passenger's legs could swing out onto the ground without having to shift their body up (as in a normal sedan) or down (as in an SUV). An electronic center console in the dash housed accessories such as a navigation display, air conditioning controls, the entertainment system, and email (connected to a cell phone network). The 2005 Toyota FT-SX concept vehicle fulfilled a similar purpose.

Source: Bill Tuckey - The Age via; wiki

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