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1995 Maserati Auge

The 1995 Auge concept was a four-seat custom body based around a Maserati 3200GT chassis. The Auge is a cold wind that blows along the Azure Coast: it's the new air that announces the change of the season. But the Auge is also a wind which pervades the boundary lands with the perfumes of the hinterland, a renewal message which takes with itself the consciousness of what we've been, to come to understand what we are now.

The will to create a "GranTurismo" which could be similar to 5000 GT with a special auto body, which was made from the Italian masters on ending of the Fifties, takes to the result of a sedan car, equipped with two long doors that allow the access to the four comfortable seats, and of a recognizable shape as a Maserati that takes inspiration from the small spiders created in the post-war period which were appreciated a lot from the fans of Maserati.

Unusually, the doors do not have opening handles: they open using a remote control placed in the pilot's watch, which is also provided with an insertion of a satellite alarm.

Therefore, as for the realization of the auto body, two technological ways have been used, one close to the past, the other to the future. On the inside of the car, we find the development of this topic. The dashboard is dominated by the complete typical instrumentation of Maserati cars.

Every passenger can approach individually or share with the other occupant's general information and functions like: audio, Television, DVD, satellite navigator, telephone, connection to the Internet, video games, portable computer, the rear television camera. It is possible to use a refrigerator in the tunnel between the two front seats during long travels. If you have left with good weather to be surprised by the rain, there are two small umbrellas in the pockets of the front panels door.

Images: Castagna

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