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1995 GAZ 2307

The idea behind the 1995 GAZ 2307 was to develop the original frame car with a loading capacity of 800 – 1000 kg, capable of taking place in the market one step lower than the family of “Gazelles.” The first sample of 1995, the GAZ-2307, was based on GAZ-31029 units, having received from “Volga” a forward suspension bracket, wheels and tires, the back bridge, the engine, and a transmission. New plumage with smooth surfaces of acting forward wings, the solid sizes a platform (from “Barge hauler”) for transportation of ton of freight visually were not in harmony with too high cabin, small wheels and a slight road gleam. The car was shown to the public at various exhibitions.

The GAS 2307 chassis could theoretically be fit with various bodies – onboard a platform with three opening boards (at the pickup only the backboard leaned back), a dumping platform (GAZ-2507), an isothermal van (GAZ-2707), the tank (GAZ-2607), a vakhtovka (GAZ-23075), the mini-timber carrying vessel for transportation of boards with a removable konik and some other. All these options were supposed to be let out in back and front-wheel options. On general information, only one GAZ-2307 was created, and listed above, its variations remained only on paper.


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