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1994 Porsche Karisma by Bertone

The Bertone-Porsche partnership was reaffirmed in the 1990s after the spider/roadster on a 911 chassis of the mid-1960s, presented to the public at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show. Twenty-five years and many changes in styling trends and tastes later, the Porsche 911 proved that it had stood the test of time and showed more aplomb than ever at its relaunch. The identity and personality of the 911 were so marked that Bertone decided to avoid any comparison to the specific sports coupé in question and devoted his energies to designing a classy saloon. The project evolved to create a design that would be feasible in terms of size and functionality. Bertone's Karisma was designed as a high-performance saloon car. Its styling was characterized by deep swage lines running along with the wings, a transparent roof, and the large gull-wing doors incorporating the entire wings. This idea had come about in 1967 for the Marzal prototype on Lamborghini mechanics. As a whole, the Karisma affords the onlooker a generous view of its interiors through the ample glazed surfaces, which also feature on the engine compartment. As for the interiors themselves, any unnecessary features were eliminated, enhancing the sensation of comfort and well-being. The result is a four-seater saloon with a rear-mounted engine with many futuristic functions and design features.

Source: Bertone

Images: Carrozzeria Bertone spa; aldenjewell's photostream