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1994 Bertone ZER (Zero Emission Record)

Driven by Oscar De Vita, this electric streamliner, built by Bertone, set the Hour Record for Class 2 electric vehicles in 1994 at 199.88 km/h (124.2 mph) and reached 303.977 km/h (188.88 mph) in 1995.

Since the Bertone group is about design and engineering, in 1994, the company introduced the ZER sports equipment - Zero Emission Record. Designers were not allowed to create a body: specialists in aerodynamics worked on it. As a result, the ZER's Cx drag coefficient was only 0.11. This eco-friendly car weighed 890 kilograms and had front-wheel drive. A 201 horsepower motor powered it.

In October 1994, the device set a speed record among cars that do not harm nature with blue clouds of exhaust. On the oval in Nardo with Oscar De Vita at the wheel, he developed 303.977 kilometers per hour (188.88 mph). Another set record is the distance covered by an electric car in one hour: the ZER could "cover" 199.88 kilometers (124.2 miles).

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Images: Carrozzeria Bertone spa

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