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1992 I.A.D. Magia

The 1992 IAD Magia was a car to capture the imagination of all the devotees of sporting coupes. The Magia is the latest in a long line of concept vehicles produced by IAD to support its outstanding concept vehicle development program. Building on Lancia's image as a manufacturer of quality sports coupes, this car now extends the lineage through to the next millennium. The Magia has the 2-liter turbo Integrale installed in the Dedra platform and a svelte body conceived and executed by IAD.

IAD's Magia represents a fresh and appealing approach for the '90s while retaining strong family links with its predecessors in its distinctive lines and unique character. A squat, purposeful stance emphasizes its road capability and combines with a blend of the traditional and modern, producing a car that begs to be driven. The rich combination of interior furnishings, generous curves, and flowing lines adds to the feeling of well-being, emphasizing Magia's comfort and safety.

Source: IAD

Images: Mario Buonocunto Concept Cars Page; Pete Fisher (former IAD photographer)

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