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1991 Honda EP-X

With this EPX Concept car, introduced at the 29th Tokyo Motor Show, Honda explores a new architecture for a next-generation car style. The EPX represents an original urban commuter to optimize the economy, impact the environment, and provide a different driving experience. The two-passenger are seated in tandem. There are two doors on each side of a single seat, and the canopy can be opened for easy access. The design is heavily oriented toward aerodynamic and follows the simple shape of an egg as much as possible. The driver's all-around visibility is exceptional. The passenger might not appreciate it so much. The instrument panel incorporates a multifunction LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). Airbags are implemented for both places. It is not a running vehicle, and Honda does not provide any specification on the propulsion system.

The little EP-X (Efficient Personal Experimental) was a curious, narrow tandem two-seater made entirely from aluminum. Powered by a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine, it was highly aerodynamic, efficient, and safe if impractical.

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Images: Honda