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1991 GMC Sagebrush

Painted in a hard-to-miss burnt orange hue, the Sagebrush concept vehicle sat on a raised platform at the GMC Truck exhibit. GMC used the Sagebrush to hint at the appearance of the coming-soon replacement for the full-size Jimmy sport-utility vehicle. Special features included a video rear-vision system, cupholders that could heat or cool beverages, a power/tilt and telescoping steering column, a video rear-vision system, and a multidisc CD player. Sagebrush also had an integrated step system--a modern version of the old running board--for easier access.

The light orange Sagebrush was a four-wheel-drive concept presented alongside the GMC Rio Grande at auto shows throughout the United States in 1991. Powered by a 5.0-liter gasoline-powered US engine, the two-door Sagebrush could seat four people, with the rear seats capable of retracting to create more cargo space. Equipped with a specially-designed off-road grille, low-beam headlights on the bumper, and a rear-vision video system, the Sagebrush utilized various parts and features used on the Rio Grande of 1991.

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Images: Concept Car Central