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1990 Ford ShocccWave

Here's a shape that's easy for enthusiasts to love. The Shoccc Wave was conceived to surround the 3.0-liter 24-valve Yamaha V6 engine and all-wheel-drive system riding on composite wheels with 255/35R-18 tires. Nifty touches inside include a modular instrument panel, allowing the driver to fine-tune control positioning, an articulated knee bolster and cantilevered seats that eliminate the need for traditional seat rails.

Source: Popular Mechanics, October 1990

A ShocccWave will be felt at auto shows across the country as Ford Motor Company displays its concept vision of a two-door, performance-oriented car for mid- to late-'90s.
"We believe this aggressive looking car not only makes a statement," said Fritz Mayhew, chief design executive, North American Design, "but it is a creative exploration of interior space utilization that is entirely within the realm of possibility."
Within the drive-oriented, ergonomically driven interior, there are numerous examples of creative uses of new technology. "We've built ShocccWave around an internal skeleton structure." Mr. Mayhew explained. "The instrument panel is divided into modules so that the driver can adjust the position of key controls. For example, the knee bolster is articulated and can be adjusted along the center console. Steering, hand controls and other instrumentation also can he moved along the center console.
"An articulated pedal assembly enables the driver to select the seating position offering adequate headroom. And both front seats are cantilevered over the center console, eliminating front seats tracks. This offers more rear-seat foot room and improved rear-seat entry and exit. A convenience lighting package illuminates the floor to enhance the floating design of the front seats."

Source: Ford Press Release

Images: Ford Motor Company;

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