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1989 Dodge Viper VM-01

Released under the direction of Carol Shelby, the Viper is reminiscent of the Ford-Driven Cobra produced in the sixties. Both cars have a familiar 2-seater, front-engine layout and lend their names from reptiles.

Unlike any other Viper, this car did not feature a V10. Instead, VM01 used the 360 Chrysler V8. This power plant may have been due to the long development time of the upcoming V10. In any case, the most radical concept behind the new Viper was its styling. With looks alone, the Viper caught the attention of America.

Eventually, Chrysler gave the green light for Viper production, with the first car being made in 1992. Little did the company know that this car would eventually include a long-lasting production and a race program which would consist of many class victories, including Le Mans.


Images: DaimlerChrysler

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