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1989 Audi Cabrio-Studie

Drawing its origins from the French word cabriole (pirouette) from the time of the horse-drawn carriages, the convertible car is synonymous with summer, the sun, and its owner's sporty and elegant life. At the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) in 1989, Audi presented the Audi Cabriolet Studie - a study of a four-seater convertible, especially to lovers of driving with the wind in their hair. An interesting study, but at the same time, it was an indicator of the interest shown by the public in this kind of vehicle, representing a renaissance for the brand. A few years later (summer 1991), Audi will launch the Audi 80 Cabriolet, which will take a large part of this concept.

Harmonious lines, elegant silhouette, and sporty appearance, this convertible study was presented a second time at the 1990 Geneva Motor Show with new rims (Speedline rims in 15 inches). The aim was to create the pleasure of driving in a convertible. But also to confirm its entry into production during this show.

The designers of this demanding study aimed to achieve a proper balance and develop a real sports convertible with dynamic lines, signaling a pleasure to drive. Already during the design phase, the aim was not to transform an existing model into a top-less variant. A sleek, modern convertible requires a lot more effort, especially since sportiness has to be integrated into Audi styling. It was powered by the famous 5-cylinder 2.3-Liter Engine that developed 136 hp at 5700 rpm and had a max speed of 198 km/h.

Source: Audi AG

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