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1988 TVR White Elephant

The White Elephant is a one-off TVR prototype powered by a Holden V8 5 liter 440hp engine with a Borg Warner T5, 5-speed manual transmission.

Peter Wheeler, Managing Director of TVR, commissioned the prototype based on a Tasmin 350 FHC bodyshell designed by John Ravenscroft and a modified SEAC tubular race chassis designed by Neil Anderson. The nose was modified from another prototype, the 420 Sports Saloon.

It was eventually decided that this 170mph car was too dated for the 1990s and that the Holden engine logistics could also be a problem. So the project was canceled in favor of the TVR Griffith, and it laid dormant in the TVR 'graveyard' at the factory. In July of 2004, just before the TVR factory closed, the car was rescued by Howard Bryan and has undergone a nine-year restoration.

Sources: @drivetribe & @classiccarsmagazine (Instagram)

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