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1988 Porsche DP44 Cargo

DP Motorsport's most famous project may have been the Porsche 935 K3 that dominated endurance racing for many years, but they also made one of the most beautiful shooting brakes of all time in the late eighties. In place of the 944's large glass hatchback, DP Motorsport installed a heavily modified squared-off roof from a Volkswagen Passat wagon to make the dp44 Cargo, per Flat Sixes. It's pretty fitting, given that the 944's predecessor, the 924, was a project that got bounced around from Volkswagen to Audi and eventually Porsche. The 944 remained a similarly cross-Volkswagen-Group affair as it was built at Audi's Neckarsulm plant.

It's such a well-executed build that it looks like it came from the factory, but no! Porsche did not give us a 944 three-door. Perhaps they should have followed DP Motorsport's lead—again. As Petrolicious notes, people were so enamored with DP Motorsport's slant-nose cars that Porsche decided to make their own. According to Speedhunters, only eight dp44 Cargos were built globally along with a one-off turbocharged 924-based Cargo.