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1988-1992 Lada Gnome

The idea of ​​the Gnome was presented to the VAZ design team by P. Prusov, who was then the deputy chief designer. He also gave the optimal basic characteristics of the future car. Designer E. Lobanov worked on the exterior of the "Gnome." In addition to them, designers N. Taztdinov, S. Brusyanin, and Y. Sidorov, economist A. Alyonin, locksmith A. Fedorov and other specialists worked on the project.

The Gnome is designed for four passengers - two adults and two children (2 + 2 formula). The car is quite dynamic: the "Gnome" is equipped with an engine from "Oka." But it itself is smaller than "Oka": length - 2.5 m (at "Oka" - 3.2 m). The vehicle's curb weight made according to serial technology should not exceed 500 kg, and the maximum speed should be 140 km / h.

Modification of the Gnome pickup is possible. An open beach version was also developed , with its own name - Elf.

In November 1992, the Gnome car took part in the Autoindustria-92 exhibition in Moscow.

On April 25, 1996, the "Gnome" car and the "Elf" electric car were exhibited at the 66th International Automobile Salon in the Italian city of Turin.

The prototype "Gnome" was sold to Deutsche Lada, and the technical documentation of the micro-car was put up for auction at the Togliatti Universal Exchange.



Pictured above is the 1990 Lada Gnome.

Pictured above is the first model of the Gnome (V. Kovtun, A. Krylov, Y. Larionov, E. Lobanov, N. Taztdinov), 1988.

The Gnome was also in an electric vehicle variant.