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1987 Trik Truk

Darryl Starbird is an American designer and manufacturer of custom cars and hot rods, known for his innovative and futuristic space-age car designs, often with a bubble top. The Trik Truk is a futuristic pickup with 6 spoke wheels and four front wheels like the Tyrrell P34. It was designed like the Deora with a cantilever at the front. The entire cockpit electrically lifts upwards like the Lancia Stratos HF Zero. The entire interior is made of leather and velvet.

There is still a major technological innovation, the steering wheel support is in the central position, and it is possible to tilt the steering wheel right or left depending on the person who wants to drive! There have been at least two versions. One with a very pointed front, headlights on the sides. Then, a newer version with a more rounded front, headlights forward. Trik Truk was built from a 1978 Chevy van. It was exhibited at the 1987 Geneva Motor Show.

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