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1987 Sbarro Challenge III

The Challenge came close to being a mass-production car by Sbarro’s to date. This uncompromising wedge-shaped car, first seen in 1985, looked like a slice of Gruyere cheese and was claimed to have a Cd figure of just 0.25. The doors folded forward for entry. Initially, die Challenge was offered with a twin-turbo Mercedes V-eight engine, but later cars had Porsche engines mounted in the rear. All were capable of storming speeds — up to 180mph (290km/h) was claimed.

In 1987, Sbarro set the last modification: Challenge 3. It differs from the previous version by its engine increased to 3.3 liters and developing 400 horsepower. The sale price was 320,000 Swiss francs—a good tidy sum at the time. It was presented at the 1987 Geneva Motor Show.

Engine & performance:

  • Type: Porsche 928, 6-cylinder

  • Capacity: 3.2-liter


Images: Sbarro

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