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1987 Nissan Leopard Ultima X Concept (UF31)

The Nissan Leopard Ultima X was a concept car debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1987. The prominent features that the Ultima X would showcase was the convertible feature and a removable hardtop. This Leopard concept NEVER made it to production.

There was considerable thought into this model with limited pictures and information we have today. The speculation was this concept eventually became Infiniti M30 convertible. The Ultima X was debuted in 1987, which would fall under the previous term leopard (Zenki). So the dash is similar to that. Notice that there are differences with the equipment and color/material of the seats.

Very unique back seat set up. Very clean-looking boot/cover for the retracted top. The removable hardtop is a very cool idea. I’ve seen them on various cars, and would be nice to have one on an M30 convertible. With this being the Ultima, it would be powered by a VG30DE mated with a four-speed automatic transmission.

Even 30 years later, the idea of a Zenki convertible is amazingly welcomed. In Japan, the M30 convertible was prized and desirable, but there was limited supply there, and the price was high.


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