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1987 Ferrari Mondial PPG Pace Car

This Ferrari Mondial T was manufactured exclusively for PPG, designated as a pace car. Built as a one-off design, it would be the only Ferrari to join the PPG Pace Car Team.

The Ferrari was built under the design of I.DE.A Institute. At the time, the cost to build this vehicle was about $1,000,000. Adjusted for 2019 inflation, that’s well over $2,000,000. The car used Mondial T chassis 76390, and most of the body was modified from the original. More than one previous employee of the Pace Car team has told me that mechanically, this was the least reliable of all the PPG pace cars. It was a typical Italian exotic car of the era – when it ran correctly, it ran great. I’m also told that at some point there was an incident where the car went off track, resulting in minor body damage, which was repaired.

The Mid-mounted 4v DOHC 3.2L (or 3.4L?) V8 produces approximately 270 horsepower. Mated to a 5-speed manual transmission, 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) arrives in 6.3 seconds. The top speed is estimated at 148 mph. The car’s specification includes an all-aluminum block and head, Bosch Motronic fuel injection, a 4-coil solid-state ignition system, tubular and pressed steel structure, oriented carbon-fiber-reinforced epoxy body panels, contoured leather bucket seats, power windows, an adjustable steering wheel, alarm system, as well as retractable headlights and driving/fog lamps.

Sold in 2004 for €70,500, the Ferrari Mondial is currently housed in a private collection.

Source: Ferrari Mondial – 1987 PPG Pace Car – PPG Pace Cars.

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