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1986 Volvo 480 ES

The Volvo 480 ES was the first front-wheel-drive car with a transverse engine produced by Volvo. It's now been 30 years since this wedge-shaped car made its official première at the Geneva Motor Show.

When the annual motor show in Geneva opened on 6 March 1986, the Volvo 480 ES was one of the cars that attracted the most attention. It was not just the première of the first sports car from Volvo in over a decade. The 480 ES was also the brand's first front-wheel-drive car in series production. The model designation was tied to the 1800 ES sports wagon, which ended production in 1973. The low, wedge-shaped body with a pointed nose and pop-up headlights provided a hint of the future, while the abruptly-ending rear section with a glass tailgate was yet another way to pay homage to the 1800 ES.

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