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1985 Sbarro Challenge

The Challenge came close to being a mass-production car by Sbarro’s to date. This uncompromising wedge-shaped car, first seen in 1985, looked like a slice of Gruyere cheese and was claimed to have a Cd figure of just 0.25. The doors folded forward for entry. Initially, die Challenge was offered with a twin-turbo Mercedes V-eight engine, but later cars had Porsche engines mounted in the rear. All were capable of storming speeds — up to 180mph (290km/h) was claimed.

Engine & performance:

  • Position: mid-mounted

  • Type: Mercedes-Benz V8, twin-turbo

  • Capacity: 4973 cc

  • Power: 360 hp

  • Drive: 4WD


  • Length: 4220 mm

  • Width: 1980 mm

  • Height: 1000-1050 mm

  • Wheelbase: 2720 mm

  • Weight: 1400 kg


Images: Sbarro; Peter Vann;