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1982 Ford Ghia Mini Max

Mini Max is a Ghia platform concept for a two-door sport wagon with a commodious rear compartment and an immense, vertical glass rear hatch. Attractively styled with a sloped nose that leads directly into the windshield and covered headlights, the Ghia Mini Max concept is undoubtedly aerodynamically efficient while at the same time accommodating a large internal volume within a small footprint. Ghia Mini Max appears to have been constructed in fiberglass. Glazing is Plexiglas, and the side windows are fastened to the frames with exposed screws. Only the driver's door is functional. A full interior upholstered in red velour with grey carpet and trim. A single-spoke steering wheel is fitted, and a formed clear plastic dummy panel is mounted to the steering column. 12" cast alloy wheels are fitted with 155SR-12 tires.

Ghia Mini Max has two comfortable and reasonably bolstered bucket-style front seats. Bench-style rear seating is provided, and it is likely the rear seat back folds for access to and expansion of the cargo area. The date of Ghia Mini Max's creation is not known during cataloging. However, its livery and aerodynamic cues suggest it may have been when Ghia was creating the highly aerodynamic Probe series.

Ghia Mini Max is another design concept of interest; perhaps it could be used as a schoolroom educational tool for the potential young designers of tomorrow to explore?

Images: Ford

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