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1979 Weitz X600 by John Weitz

The Weitz X600 was created in 1979 based on the Chevrolet Camaro Z28 by fashion designer John Weitz. It turned out to be a kind - the fruit of the devilish love of Batman and Darth Vader!

Doodling dream cars is just a pastime for most of us, but fashion designer John Weitz is serious about driving a vehicle that suits him. His X600 is hand-formed in aluminum, and the prototype should be ready next month for the auto-show circuit. The aluminum sports car is on an s 108-inch wheelbase and weighs in at 2300 pounds with its 350-cu.-in. V8. The engine, drive train, and suspension is off-the-shelf GM parts.

Unlike other cars with fashion designer names—Gucci, Cardin, Bill Blass — the X600 was styled from the ground up by Weitz. The designer Cadillacs and Continentals have only paint, upholstery, and badges to distinguish them from their mass-produced counterparts.

Whether the X600 sells as a high-priced, custom-made automobile is still a question. Meanwhile, John Weitz will have the prototype in his garage. It'll be his very own dream car-and, not on paper.

Source: Popular Mechanics, Sep 1979