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1979 Sbarro Windhawk

The Sbarro Windhawk 6x6 is an off-road vehicle built on special order in 1979. Attracted by the Windhound, King Khaled of Arabia asked Franco Sbarro to build a version adapted for falconry, one of his favorite sports. The king wanted a vehicle capable of going at full speed over the different types of terrain found in Arabia and allowed him to hunt without leaving the vehicle. It had a state-of-the-art hydraulic suspension.

The small Swiss company Sbarro made a name for building high-performance replicas, sports cars, exclusive vehicles, and concept cars. It also built a small number of off-road vehicles, including a one-off 6x6 version. Over the years, Sbarro did build several 6-wheel concept vehicles. Its founder, Franco Sbarro, now runs a car design school in France.

The Sbarro Windhawk 6x6 was presented in 1979. It was built on special order. The vehicle is based on the Sbarro Windhound 4x4 (1978). Technical details on the Windhawk are bit vague. All sources indicate it does have a Mercedes 6.9L V8 petrol engine (217 hp). Most sources say Sbarro did use a G-wagon chassis (also introduced in 1979) and stretched it for the 6x6 vehicle. Thanks to a hydraulic system, the vehicle's suspension can change the ride height from 25 to 42 cm. Some sources indicate the third axle is hydraulically driven (presumably only at low speeds). Even the seats can be lifted hydraulically. The vehicle was ordered for use during falconry. The passengers can shoot without leaving the vehicle thanks to the sunroof and the lifted seats. The vehicle's top speed is claimed to be around 200 km/h (125 mph). Over the years, Sbarro did present several six-wheel show cars.


  • engine: V8 Mercedes

  • displacement: 6900 cm3

  • power: 217 ch

  • transmission: 6 wheel drive

  • weight: 2000 kg

  • top speed: 200 km/h

  • production: one off

Source: Sbarro Windhawk 6x6 | 6 Wheel Drive.

Images: Sbarro; Peter Vann

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