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1979 Ford GTK by Ghia

Highly futuristic, the GTK concept stood for Grand Touring Kombi. It was intended as a sporty, aerodynamic grand touring car with ample luggage space. The GTK Concept was built on an extended Fiesta platform. It featured several advanced elements, including electric side windows, an onboard computer, and digital instrumentation.

Its design included a central greenhouse effect for the passenger area, which even incorporated glass side pillars. Other GTK features included headlights behind electrically controlled panels. Aero ducts behind these panels channeled air over the bonnet and roof.

Though the wedge-shaped Ford Fiesta GTK station wagon prototype had a small 94-inch wheelbase, it still provided a spacious interior. Experimental tubular instrument panel and circular center console housed an onboard computer and digital displays. The Fiesta GTK five-spoke wheels predicted those used on production 1972-74 Mustangs.

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