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1978 Fiat Every 4R by Michelotti

In a unique project with the magazine Quattroruote, Michelotti designed the Every 4R in 1978. This car could be converted from a town car to a country car to a sea car by simply mixing and matching removable panels. It is said that Michelotti conceived and applied solutions to design problems much earlier than other famous car designers.

Expected to see production in the summer of 1978, the Every 4R remained at the prototype stage. Based on the chassis of the Fiat 127, the Every 4R incorporated removable/attachable panels, allowing the car to be changed into a beach car with no doors or roof, a country version with a roof and fabric doors and a fabric rear hatch, or a standard city version with all metal components.

Source: Iain Woolley - Triumph Spitfire Resource Site; Concept Car Central

Images: Concept Car Central

Pictured Above: 1978 Michelotti Every 4R - Country Version

Pictured Above: 1978 Michelotti Every 4R - City Version