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1974 Maserati Quattroporte II by Bertone

With coachwork designed by Bertone, who had utilised all his skills to achieve a design that was 'clean' with proportionate dimensions, the Quattroporte II gave one the impression of being elegant and "leggera." The well-finished interior oozed luxury (all four-door widows had individual retractable sun blinds), the digital instrument panel, á la Citroën, being particularly sophisticated. Particular attention was paid to the sound insulation of the engine bay, and wind noise was kept to a minimum by its aerodynamic exterior profile.

The second-generation Quattroporte was developed during an obscure period in Maserati’s history when the marque was under the ownership of Citroën. Technically identical to the Citroën SM, the Quattroporte II featured front-wheel drive and hydro-pneumatic suspension. Performance was not on par with the first-generation Quattroporte, and Maserati purists did not well receive the car. Nevertheless, the Quattroporte II was comfortable, well equipped, and offered an excellent ride. Its Bertone-designed body was modern, and the build quality was very good. Unfortunately, the early end of the agreement with Citroën in 1975 hampered the launch of the Quattroporte II. Only 12 units were produced in its three years of production, and they were all sold to customers in the Middle East.

Source: Maserati

Images: Bertone;

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