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1970 Jean Pierre Ponthieu l'Automodule

It is clear who was joking about the spherical car l'Automodule, created in 1970: it was engineer Jean Pierre Ponthieu. He built various structures for advertising, and this "silver ball" was no exception. Because of his appearance, he was more often used for advertising shoots, the most beautiful models of the time sat in his mini-salon, and his photos appeared in women's magazines - and that's about it.

The car was equipped with a 248 cc two-stroke engine, an electronic control system, and a hydraulic transmission. It developed a maximum speed of 45 km / h and resembled an object taken over by space aliens. l'Automodule had another feature - a hydraulic suspension that can change the ground clearance quite a lot.

It is worth saying that back in the 70s, the car was declared "the car of the year 2000", although,h in 2000, few people remembered it.

This unit is called l'Automodule, created in 1970 by engineer Jean Pierre Pontier (Jean Pierre Ponthieu). The machine has a two-stroke engine of 248 cm 3, an electronic control, and hydraulic transmission. Maximum speed - 45 km / h. In addition to stunning design, a l'Automodule has another feature – the hydraulic suspension that can change the ground clearance.


Images: CarStyling

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